What makes a cool Pool Party in Bangkok?

Everyone loves a cool party, and so do I. Hitting a Pool Party in Bangkok is a great way to cool down in what is the hottest city on the planet, all whilst swimming, drinking and dancing alongside some of Bangkok’s prettiest people. Within a year The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok created one of the best Pool Parties in Bangkok and I asked Philipp, the F&B Manager, to share some behind the scenes facts during the 1-Year Anniversary Westin Pool Party:

Bangkok is well-known for amazing Pool Parties and today Westin’s Pool Party is celebrating their first anniversary. Who came up with the idea of a Pool Party at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit?

After I attended some of the Pool Parties in the city I was sure that there was an opportunity for us to do one by our own. I contacted the best fitting promoters MAD STASH Management JAXX Entertainment which I got to know from other events and we started working on a concept end of 2015 with the plan to  have our first Pool Party in February 2016.

Do you still remember the first Pool Party? How many people attended compared to today?

Sure, although it doesn’t really feel like it is already 1 year ago. On our first Pool Party we welcomed 167 people which we found wasn’t a bad result for the first event – but with a lot of space for improvement. Now we have between 450 – 550 people attending our Parties which is amazing. We are proud to say that we are now the second largest monthly Pool Party in Bangkok measured on number of people attending.

The purpose of a party is to have fun. But most people don’t see the work behind. How many departments at the hotel are actually involved in your Party?

Well, this is really an effort from many different people in many different departments. See, we have to contact suppliers, order drinks, create Marketing materials, inform our hotel guests, set-up the pool area and follow all safety & security standards – all while maintaining our normal hotel business. From Food & Beverage Department to Marketing, Security, Engineering, Concierge and Housekeeping – nearly every single employee contributes to the party. Without all of them we wouldn’t be able to make those parties successful.

There are two kinds of Pool Parties in this city; the high energy type that’s packed with models and the city’s beautiful people and those that are more relaxed and laid back. How would you describe Westin’s Pool Party?

Now with a consumption of approx. 160l Beer, 90l of Spirits, 25l Sangria and 20l Sparkling we are definitely the energetic one. With 500 party people at our pool there is no space and time to relax anymore – it’s a typical party with people having fun, dancing and drinking. Exactly how a good party should be. What’s really special about our pool is that it’s filled with salt water. I personally think that our party is the one with the most action inside the pool and not just around it, which gives it a special touch and is cool to see.

The weather in Bangkok is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate which means there are three main seasons: hot season from March to June, rainy season from July to October and cool season between November and February. Which season is the best for a Pool Party?

The only thing that can stop a Pool Party is heavy rain. Other than that, the weather here in Bangkok is perfect as it’s never really cold. Luckily in 1 year we only had one party were we had to close 1 hour earlier as the rain was too heavy to continue.

Looking back at all those parties, what was your biggest challenge as the main organizer?

Definitely not knowing how our hotel guests would react to this event. The Westin brand is know for it’s signature wellness programs like the SuperFoodsRx dishes or the award-winning Heavenly Bed – but not really for parties. There was a big question mark if we can bring Westin & Pool Parties together. Looking back now, after welcoming hundreds of our hotel guests to the parties, I would say we made it and proved that Westin is a lively hotel brand that suits young & old.

During the Westin Pool Party itself, do you have time to enjoy it too?

Not as much as I would like. My day starts at 8 am with the set-up and finishes by 10 pm. It is definitely exhausting but between all the work and challenges I am facing at the party I also take some time to enjoy it. Talking to some friends or just watch the crowd having fun is a great motivation and worth the effort.

Final Note

Westin’s Pool Party takes place on a monthly basis. All future events as well as pictures and videos will be posted on the hotel facebook page: facebook.com/westinbangkok.  Please allow me one final remark concerning myself: Most of you have probably noticed that I’m working for The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok and some might feel this post is not objective. Maybe you are right, but seriously, our Pool Party is awesome! 😉

All Photo Credits go to the best Event & Nightlife Guide in Thailand: Siam2Nite.

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