7 Things You Need To Know Before Booking Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

Dinner In The Sky has finally reached Bangkok. Yeah! Set up between The Emporium Shopping Complex, the Benchasiri Park and Dinosaur Planet (right next to BTS Phrom Phong) this unique dining experience is one meal you won’t forget. I went with my friend Matt (crazy Ginger who also runs a blog) one week after the official opening of Dinner In The Sky Bangkok and put together “a few things to keep in mind” before you go:

1. Safety First

When I first heard about the launch of Dinner In The Sky Bangkok, I didn’t think too long. Being in love with rooftops and adventures, I knew I had to do it. The only thing that struggled me was the question of safety. Don’t get me wrong, but if you live in Bangkok for many years you know that safety is not always priority number one. Luckily the website said Dinner in The Sky Bangkok has been designed according to German safety standards and surpassed German TUV. With more than 10 years of operations in over 45 countries, it looked like it is professionally handled and had been tested to guarantee absolute safety for diners at all times. Being a German myself I was more than relieved and the decision was made.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok
Photo Credit: Dinner In The Sky Thailand

2. This is NOT for cowards

I’ve never been afraid of heights too much but I must say that dangling from a crane 50 metres high is not the most relaxing experience in the world. But it’s fun! Take it for what it is, a unique experience that you want to enjoy at least once. It only lasts an hour and a bit so even if you’re shit scared, it’ll be over soon and you’ll have a good story to tell.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

3. Go to pee before – just in case

This is amply explained to you before the experience, but just be aware that if you’re strapped in your seat along with 22 other people for an hour and a bit in the sky, the last thing you want to do is ruin everyone’s fun by needing to pee. So do your business before it starts! That being said, I went to the restrooms 4 times at home and 1 time at the showroom. 😉

4. Don’t drop your belongings – Hold your phone while you can!

Maybe it’s just because my iPhone is an extension of my body, but I was more afraid of dropping it than falling myself. Best to leave all your belongings in the lockers provided. But who wants to do Dinner In The Sky Bangkok without taking photos? Just be extra careful about it because if it falls, it’s falling a long way down.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

5. Don’t eat before going to Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

The chefs from Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok serve a delicious four-course set menu including angus beef carpaccio, tomato gazpacho chili soup, braised Australian short ribs beef and passion fruit mascarpone cream cheese cake. Food is served hot and tastes very good, absolutely no complains here.

6. Do it the German style and be there on time

In Germany, the rule of thumb is that it’s better to be five minutes early than one minute late. Since several tables go up each evening, the organisers have to stick to a strict time table which means you really need to plan beforehand to make sure you’re not left behind.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok
Photo Credit: Dinner In The Sky Thailand

7. Don’t forget to book – it will not stay in Bangkok forever

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok is expected to stay there until the end of February 2018. It will then move to other locations around Thailand. Reservations can be made online at www.dinnerinthesky.co.th for 4,990 THB on weekdays and 5,390 THB at the weekend, inclusive of the four-course meal by Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. There will be two flight sessions per day: Sunset at 18:00 and City Lights at 19:30. The flight duration is 60 minutes. For more information & bookings, visit www.dinnerinthesky.co.th.

Would I do it again? Hell Yes!



A Bangkok Nightlife Guide

I like to party. So what? I don’t know what it is with people saying I need to grow up, I need to past this and move on with my life. What does going out and having a good time have to do with getting older? Yes, I enjoy nightlife a lot, from clubs, bars to restaurants, and here I can actually afford it. Just because I’m over 30 (I know I look much younger 😉 ) doesn’t mean I have to stay home all night. I am settled, I have a career, I travel around and nightlife is just one portion of my life. And trust me, I know a lot of people partying harder than me (Hello Isma) and people making money out of this business (Hello Matt).

So there is really nothing wrong about a quality clubbing night with friends and enjoying Bangkok Nightlife. It makes me happy. And happiness is the best medicine, the best cure and the best precaution because happiness is healthy! When you are surrounded by positive people, good music and a cozy atmosphere your heart will open up and your body will thank you for that. Well, maybe not the next day….

Most importantly: We remember the nights we went out, got drunk as hell and threw up all over the place. We remember the nights we almost got arrested. We remember the nights we don’t remember. For they were the best.

Sing Sing Theater

Sukhumvit Soi 45

The first time I entered the club it was like „BOOM“: A combo of theatre and nightclub in a fantasy world. You have hanging red lanterns, dancers in red robes with patterned fans, and metal cages spread across the room, making it appear as if a shady brothel of the past. This venue is rich in wood and sound with a lovely aura of warmth and attention. The dance floor, while small, invites one to enjoy and let go. It gets crowded after 11pm with nice people all around and live performances – from wondrous burlesque dances to comedy shows – are frequent.

Conclusion: Sing Sing is definitely my favourite! It’s rare to find a club that seems to have it all. Packed with personality, great drinks, beautiful people, consistently good DJ’s across a variety of genres and excellent service. They also have the best photographer in town: Tom Deinega. Go and check out his website: www.deinegart.com.

Ce La Vi

39 fl, Sathorn Square Building

Ce La Vi is located inside the Sathorn Square Building, with high security level. I always have to show my ID card which makes me feel they think i’m under 21 😉 . A candle lit corridor leads through heavy drapes with a multi-tiered dance podium greeting guests. Professional dancers are twisting and twirling and makes everyone stop and stare. The layout is a mix of a lounge and a club, with seating areas for large groups, standing tables, and a large dance floor surrounding the DJ boot. They also have an outdoor terrace to chill and relax. It is one of the few clubs that tends to have a larger crowd on weekdays then on weekends.

Tip: Ladies, arrive between 21:00 and 24:00 on a Wednesday and you won’t have to spend a baht: all ladies get complimentary free flow bubbles just for stepping inside. Sounds like a plan, right? See you there!


Sukhumvit Soi 11

Insanity is one of the largest clubs in the city filled with impressive lasers and lighting system, along with podium dancers and a central stage for those who want to let loose on the dance floor. The capacity of the club extends to well over 1,000 people. You can expect at least once a week big name Dj, Producers and artists from around the globe playing EDM, House and Hip Hop. Depending on the night, it’s often packed with first-time Bangkok visitors experiencing the attention of Thai girls. I usually have fun watching them. 😉

Conclusion: The fact that Insanity is half way between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza explains why the female clientele is a noticeable mix of those who come to work as well as play, and guys will get attention in here.


Sukhumvit Soi 11

With a rooftop lounge and two club rooms, Levels is located next to Aloft hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 11 and covers a lot of musical ground: funky beats on the terrace, R&B hits in the plush main room, and house and techno in the cavernous box in the rear. Occasionally they charge an entry fee for special events or on nights with international DJs, but it’s usually free entry. I’m also a big fan of the outdoor lounge area. After a bit of dancing, its great to order a drink in the outside bar a little bit away from the music and hang out. In this respect it’s a great place to bring friends visiting from abroad, as there is actually a place one can talk.

Tip: Best days to go are Thursdays and Fridays: Thursdays are ladies night (three free drinks coupons for all ladies arriving before midnight – yeah!) and on Friday nights they tend to have events which rotate around themes like Burlesque and Playboy Mansion.


President Tower, Lumphini

On the positive side, unlike many other clubs in Bangkok, Mixx is usually open until early morning hours between 4:00 – 5:00 am. The club is accessed via a long dark corridor which then opens out into a large, opulent main room featuring mainly Hip Hop and R ‘n B music. The second room is darker and focuses on EDM, Trance and house music. On the negative side, I always feel i’m the only non-working girl as it’s packed with prostitutes. I have no problem going to a place that has a lot of working girls, I can spot them pretty easily and just avoid them for the most part. But it can get annoying for a girl, however, guys will probably like all the attention they get.

Conclusion: Whether Mixx is the best discotheque in Bangkok would be a matter of opinion. Depending on your friends I think it can make for a good night out but there are definitely better options to be experienced in Bangkok.

“No One Looks Back On Their Life And Remembers The Nights They Got Plenty Of Sleep.”

Bangkok Nightlife rocks every night of the week, and if you’re here you have to party! But forget your conceptions of Thailand being all flip-flops, vests and cheap drinks – these clubs can charge high prices for drinks and require shirts, shoes and jeans. Bangkok is an international city these days, so dress to impress, hit the town and don’t forget your credit card!

Yes, I ate sushi off a naked woman’s body.

When my friends started looking for ideas for a special event, I was like „Hey, have you heard of this naked sushi? It’s all around in Bangkok, let’s try it“. Yes, it was me who came up with the idea. Living in this city, with this crazy nightlife all around makes you realize that life is fun and that you should start enjoying every minute of it. So here we are, in Bangkok, talking about Body Sushi.

Naked sushi, or body sushi, is actually a respected art among geishas in Japan and dates back hundreds of years. More recently, it has appeared in Hollywood movies and is easily available in Bangkok.

Basically, sushi is placed upon the naked body of a girl lying down on the middle of the table. And then you eat it off of her. The girl is completely naked except for a few strategically placed banana leaves. Of course you can’t use chopsticks so you have to use your mouth.

We were a group of 8 people, males and females. For an hour or so we surrounded the girl, drank and ate sushi and stared at her naked body. They even had some vegetarian sushi for me since I don’t eat seafood. The whole atmosphere felt weird in the beginning, but after some time we all started to relax. Ok, the wine helped too. 😉 The girl, Tanya, was fantastic, she even did some small-talk with us and was more lively. That made me feel better since she seemed less of an object.

To be fair, I don’t think she had any problems with the situation. I know some of my friends may think that using a woman’s naked body as a plate is objectifying them. Back in Germany I would have said the same. But here, in Bangkok, it seems ok and is actually one of the harmless events, I have seen much worse things. Tanya seemed okay too as she made jokes all around and laughed with us.

The weirdest part of all was not the sushi itself, it was selecting the girl. I received 5 Set-cards with barely dressed girls with big boobs and the request to pick one. Well, they all looked good so I needed help. My male friends were more advanced and easily picked one of the girls, Tanya.


If this is your thing and you would like to do the same, I can recommend Matt and Nathan from MojoSons. Two French guys living in Bangkok specialised in partying and event planning (that’s actually a cool job description…). I always knew french guys are crazy, and those two proof that I’m right. But seriously, they both come with my recommendation, easy communication, professional performance and fun-loving. If you are about to organise a bachelor party or any other special event, check out their website. Naked Sushi is one of the harmless offers.

Me, I’m bracing myself now, waiting for my mom to read this and call me.

Now I can at least say „been there, done that.“

Best Photography Spots in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Sukhumvit Road is the commercial centre of Bangkok and is lined with international hotels, shopping malls and nightlife. It runs from Nana at one end to the district of Bearing at the other. And it’s also the area where I live, work and feel home. After my recent blog post about “Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok” i decided to continue my series with Sukhumvit. I have put together a list of my top photography spots and hope to inspire some of you to explore my neighbourhood:

Benjakiti Park

Benjakiti Park is located at Asok, two minutes by walking from Asok BTS or north up the road from Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre MRT Station. The park is dominated by a lake, and two separate lanes around the perimeter which have been designed specifically for cycling and jogging. The park is ideal for reflection shots with the office buildings on one side. There are lots of photographers trying to get the best pic so you won’t be alone.

Asok Intersection

The “Asok Intersection” area is one of Bangkok’s main business centers. Actually, it’s the center of many things, with a large expatriate community, several hotels, restaurants and entertainment establishments. The intersections of streets are often jammed and matched by the intersection of Skytrain and Subway as well. You can shoot light trails photo from the skywalk. You just have to be fast as the security guards are watching this area and might force you to stop – depending on their mood. 😉

Exchange Tower

The Exchange Tower is located on the doorstep of the Asoke BTS station and connected via a sky bridge link. While I didn’t find a way to get access to the rooftop yet, I found a nice spot to take photos of the Asok intersection. Just take the entrance from the BTS, go to the elevator up to the 10th floor, go out at the parking area and right to the railing. Haven’t seen any security there so you have plenty of time to get your tripod up and take photos.

The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Yep, this spot is still one of my favourite rooftops in Sukhumvit. Not only because I work here, but also because the view is amazing. You can see Nana on one side and Asok intersection on the other. The view gets crazy at night when the city comes to life. A lot of cool photographers have been here and it has also been the location for a Rap Video and Model Shooting. The rooftop of The Westin Grande Sukhumvit is not accessible for the public, so you need to get access by the hotel management.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Lironi Photography

Phrom Phong BTS Station

The main attractions near Phrom Phong BTS Station include jogger’s favourite Benjakiti Park, Emporium shopping mall and “Dinosaur Planet”. This area is always busy and a good place to stop for some street photography. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping malls nearby, so prepare for a lot of tourists and expats. Wait for the sunset to take the best photos.

Sukhumvit Soi 24

Right next door to the Emporium shopping mall and BTS Phrom Phong is Sukhumvit Soi 24. Thanks to the large volume of apartment buildings down here, Soi 24 offers a nice background for reflection shots during rainy season. Just walk around and you’ll find plenty of spots to stop. I have lived in this street for more than a year and I still live close by, so you might meet me here too. One side note: You’ll find the best foot massage at “Nuch”, located at the beginning of the Soi.  Just saying. 🙂

BTS Nana

The station is located at Sukhumvit Soi 9, to the east of Nana intersection. It is surrounded by a variety of classes of hotels and facilities for foreign tourists. The red-light district and the Nana Plaza area are also in walking distance from the station so expect a lot of traffic here. The BTS station itself makes a good location for a photo facing Asok. Tripods are not allowed at BTS stations, so you need to have a steady hand.

Long Table Bangkok

Long Table Bar & Restaurant is located in Soi 16 and offers a stunning 25th floor view. The cool feature here is the pool on top where you can take nice reflections shoots too. Drinks during Sunset Happy Hour are affordable too. If you are more the adventurous person you should read my blog post about „How I illegally climbed on one of Bangkok’s highest rooftops“. Hint: It’s in the same building! 😉

Sukhumvit Line

Simply walk along the BTS Sukhumvit Line from any BTS station to capture light trails photos. There are hundreds of different photo spots, you just have to grap your camera and go for a walk. I do this quite often when I’m bored, normally around Phrom Phong, Thong Lo and Ekkamai. The good part is that there are great restaurants and bars nearby so your “after-work-beer” is secured. 😉 If you want to read more about light trail photography, check out one of my older blog posts: “How to shoot light trails”.

My own rooftop

Last but not least: my favorite location in Sukhumvit is still my own rooftop on top of my condominium. All doors open, no security, no camera, nothing. I can go there whenever I want, for a beer, for a chat with a friend, or just for a minute of freedom. It is surrounded by other tall buildings with a helipad on top, which makes it a cool photospot too. Read more at my older blog posts: “My private rooftop”.

Photo Credit: Tomsdiner


Sukhumvit is my home, the area where I live and work. Even though I think I know Sukhumvit very well, I’m sure I missed a lot of other cool locations. So if you are around, explore the area and let me know which one is your best spot. Or we go together.. 🙂

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Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

The area between the roads of Silom and Sathorn is the closest Bangkok gets to Wall Street, with glistening skyscrapers all boasting the names of financial institutions. It is part of Bangkok’s bustling commercial district, running adjacent to Sathorn Road, and is well connected by public transportation. Siam, Chidlom, Ploenchit, Sathorn are all close by and easily accessed by BTS which makes some perfect spots for photographers. I have been walking around this area many times, so let me help you finding the best Photography Spots in Bangkok:

Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar

Cloud 47 is located on top of an office building and consequently has a more relaxed ambiance compared to some of the alternative rooftop bars. You can come with Flip Flops and shorts, no one cares as long as you buy a drink. It attracts a mixed clientele with office workers, expats and tourists all enjoying views of the Bangkok skyline. The venue has a covered area should the weather take a turn for the worse and a small stage sometimes hosts live music. And most importantly, tripods are allowed, photographers are welcome and you have one of the best views over Mahanakorn, Bangkok’s new tallest building.

Note: Unfortunately i just heard that Cloud 47 will close down on March 31, 2017. The bar will become an office space.. 🙁

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

ITF Tower

ITF Tower is situated between BTS Sala Daeng and Chong Nonsi. You can’t miss it when walking along Silom road. While it’s not easy to get into the first office tower, you can easily access the second one. Just go inside the building next to the small supermarket and take the elevator. Pretend that you are living in this condominium and go straight to the 35th floor. There you’ll find a small terrace from where you can capture photos. Easy as that!

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

Chong Nonsi BTS Station

The skywalk is a urban landmark located in the middle of the Sathorn-Silom Central Business District which connect the Chong Nonsi BTS station and the Sathorn BRT station. It accommodates ten thousands commuters daily and is probably one of the most photographed pedestrian bridges in Thailand. Many Thai photographers come to this station in order to take photos so you won’t be alone. Tripods are allowed.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok


M Silom is a 53-storey condominium designed to be an iconic architecture, dominating the skyline of the central business district. Built around the concept of Contemplative Space, open areas are created which gives each unit an amazing view. I must admit you can only get access to the luxury condominium if you know someone living there. Luckily I got access and enjoyed this breathtaking view.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

Multi-storey car park

Next to the first ITF Tower there’s a small car park on the right side. It is easily accessible when you have a car, just drive through the entrance. If you don’t have a car like me, you have to convince the security guards in order to let you in. It depends on their mood and your charm.. no guarantee here. But the view makes up the discussions.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

Chong Nonsi canal

If you walk along the road next to the ITF Tower you will notice a small (and stinky) canal. Quite dirty, but you may get some nice reflections if you are there during the right time of the day. Try and go when the light is at it’s best, either bright and early, or in the evening as the sun is setting. Be sure to take along your tripod and hold your breath, it’s worth it.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

W Bangkok

Stairs are probably the last thing that would come to mind if someone asks about potentially interesting photography spots in Silom, but these spiral and helical staircases beg to differ. With the right perspective, even a set of stairs can make for an absolutely stunning photograph. You will find the spiral stairs at the W Bangkok, located in North Sathorn road, right next to the main entrance which is surely one of the coolest Photography Spots in Bangkok.


I’m sure there are millions of other great Photography Spots in Bangkok around this area, so please go out and explore the city. The area has a picturesque and iconic skyline with many skyscrapers and modern glass buildings surrounding it. If you open your eyes you’ll find other spots. Feel free to share with me. 🙂

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Making of MiA Fashion Shooting

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, my job as a Marketing Manager in a vibrant city like Bangkok brings out some unusual requests. From Rap Video Shootings to Interview Requests, we had it all. This time MiA contacted us and asked for help. MiA is a free digital magazine showcasing the best stars in the fashion industry, from models and photographers to designers and makeup artists. It is a collaborative institution, meaning everything they do for the magazine is a result of professionals who volunteer. They were looking for a rooftop location for a fashion shooting in Bangkok.

Ironically, in Bangkok, a hub of picturesque and vibrant photo settings, it can be very difficult to find a location for a fashion photography shoot.  And if you’re planning a fashion shoot, with multiple clothing changes, a makeup artist, and a bit more hoopla, that problem can be compounded. There are various reasons for this. Depending on where you’re shooting, you may need a film permit. If you plan to “assert exclusive use of government property” or you’re using equipment or vehicles, instead of just handheld cameras and tripods, you may need to have an extra permit and insurance.  Also, in busy areas, you run the risk of individual and groups of photo “bombers” destroying your perfectly planned shot. And, if your subject is going to change clothing, or you’re shooting for a couple hours, you’ll need access to a bathroom. A lot to think about..

After a few emails we decided to give them a chance and provided our rooftop as the location – in return for some free advertisement. Our rooftop was indeed exactly what they needed: multiple interesting backgrounds, but also lots of light, privacy, and a separate area for clothing changes.

The models

The shooting was planned with 6 models: 3 male and 3 females. My favorite ones were the three below: Pablo from Argentina,  Kate from Czech Republic and my fav Kim, half Thai and half Swedish. On top of the 6 models, there were 2 stylists, 1 make-up artist and hairstylist, 1 photographer and 1 producer. Overall 11 people plus 1 security officer from our hotel and me.

The myths about modelling

Shoots are not always as glamorous as the photos portray. There is often a lot more going on behind a photo shoot than the finished picture presents. The models had to work on a hot day wearing completely the wrong type of clothes for the season, have had several outfit changes or had to pose in (sometimes) really uncomfortable positions to get the shots. Also, getting changed in the restroom is not the idealistic model life you’d expect. There is a lot of standing around in the heat in not too comfortable clothing.

Modelling can also involve a lot of time spent waiting around; whether that’s waiting to get the hair or makeup done, waiting for the photographer to set up, waiting to get your photos back, waiting to start or waiting for the stylist. I often saw the models with an iPhone in hand trying to kill time.

The shooting started at 9 am with make-up and hair styling and finished around 1 pm. For me as an observer, it was quite interesting as I always thought modelling is easy-peasy. And don’t most of us want to ‘be like them’? Well I did when I was very much younger and I’ve always told myself I’m no model material and indeed I still am not. Apart from being not tall and slim enough, I can honestly tell you it’s not easy! I am camera-shy. You may see many pictures on my blog but I’m here to tell you all those photos were taken by my friends and it took them hours to get me out of camera-shy mode. Modelling is a tough job for everyone, the photographers, the models & the crew.

The Photographer

This is the digital age, and most marketing is done online. That means the large majority of potential customers won’t see the product in person and images are going to be the most important representation. No one wants to worry about the colors being inaccurate, or the best features being under exposed, or hidden by the model’s hand or hair.  You need pictures to do the selling for you. They have to look great, they have to make your potential customers want what you have to offer! You probably don’t want to put something so important in the hands of a novice. Yes, a good quality fashion photographer was needed for this shooting and they found one with Ken, a talented, knowledge, and experienced fashion photographer. He guided the models with clear directions while creating a relaxed atmosphere. Fascinating to look at.

Edition No. #5 of MiA is out now – click  here to read the full issue.




What makes a cool Pool Party in Bangkok?

Everyone loves a cool party, and so do I. Hitting a Pool Party in Bangkok is a great way to cool down in what is the hottest city on the planet, all whilst swimming, drinking and dancing alongside some of Bangkok’s prettiest people. Within a year The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok created one of the best Pool Parties in Bangkok and I asked Philipp, the F&B Manager, to share some behind the scenes facts during the 1-Year Anniversary Westin Pool Party:

Bangkok is well-known for amazing Pool Parties and today Westin’s Pool Party is celebrating their first anniversary. Who came up with the idea of a Pool Party at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit?

After I attended some of the Pool Parties in the city I was sure that there was an opportunity for us to do one by our own. I contacted the best fitting promoters MAD STASH Management JAXX Entertainment which I got to know from other events and we started working on a concept end of 2015 with the plan to  have our first Pool Party in February 2016.

Do you still remember the first Pool Party? How many people attended compared to today?

Sure, although it doesn’t really feel like it is already 1 year ago. On our first Pool Party we welcomed 167 people which we found wasn’t a bad result for the first event – but with a lot of space for improvement. Now we have between 450 – 550 people attending our Parties which is amazing. We are proud to say that we are now the second largest monthly Pool Party in Bangkok measured on number of people attending.

The purpose of a party is to have fun. But most people don’t see the work behind. How many departments at the hotel are actually involved in your Party?

Well, this is really an effort from many different people in many different departments. See, we have to contact suppliers, order drinks, create Marketing materials, inform our hotel guests, set-up the pool area and follow all safety & security standards – all while maintaining our normal hotel business. From Food & Beverage Department to Marketing, Security, Engineering, Concierge and Housekeeping – nearly every single employee contributes to the party. Without all of them we wouldn’t be able to make those parties successful.

There are two kinds of Pool Parties in this city; the high energy type that’s packed with models and the city’s beautiful people and those that are more relaxed and laid back. How would you describe Westin’s Pool Party?

Now with a consumption of approx. 160l Beer, 90l of Spirits, 25l Sangria and 20l Sparkling we are definitely the energetic one. With 500 party people at our pool there is no space and time to relax anymore – it’s a typical party with people having fun, dancing and drinking. Exactly how a good party should be. What’s really special about our pool is that it’s filled with salt water. I personally think that our party is the one with the most action inside the pool and not just around it, which gives it a special touch and is cool to see.

The weather in Bangkok is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate which means there are three main seasons: hot season from March to June, rainy season from July to October and cool season between November and February. Which season is the best for a Pool Party?

The only thing that can stop a Pool Party is heavy rain. Other than that, the weather here in Bangkok is perfect as it’s never really cold. Luckily in 1 year we only had one party were we had to close 1 hour earlier as the rain was too heavy to continue.

Looking back at all those parties, what was your biggest challenge as the main organizer?

Definitely not knowing how our hotel guests would react to this event. The Westin brand is know for it’s signature wellness programs like the SuperFoodsRx dishes or the award-winning Heavenly Bed – but not really for parties. There was a big question mark if we can bring Westin & Pool Parties together. Looking back now, after welcoming hundreds of our hotel guests to the parties, I would say we made it and proved that Westin is a lively hotel brand that suits young & old.

During the Westin Pool Party itself, do you have time to enjoy it too?

Not as much as I would like. My day starts at 8 am with the set-up and finishes by 10 pm. It is definitely exhausting but between all the work and challenges I am facing at the party I also take some time to enjoy it. Talking to some friends or just watch the crowd having fun is a great motivation and worth the effort.

Final Note

Westin’s Pool Party takes place on a monthly basis. All future events as well as pictures and videos will be posted on the hotel facebook page: facebook.com/westinbangkok.  Please allow me one final remark concerning myself: Most of you have probably noticed that I’m working for The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok and some might feel this post is not objective. Maybe you are right, but seriously, our Pool Party is awesome! 😉

All Photo Credits go to the best Event & Nightlife Guide in Thailand: Siam2Nite.

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How I illegally climbed on one of Bangkok’s highest rooftops

It has now been 4 months since I started nicrulez.com, and one of best things about the experience is the people that it has put me in touch with. So far I have received messages from likeminded individuals spread across Thailand, many of these leading to shared adventures… and there is no better example of this than the beautiful coincidence that occurred when someone I never met before contacted me.

I received a message from another urban explorer, Alex Duffner, asking me about joining him on a photo trip. He heard of a cool rooftop location in Asok and wanted to check it out the same day. Unfortunately I had to work that day so I couldn’t join but he was kind enough to share location details with me. The “Asoke Intersection” area is one of Bangkok’s main business centers. Actually, it’s the center of many things, several hotels, restaurants and ‘entertainment’ establishments. The intersections of streets – which are often jammed – are matched by the intersection of Skytrain and Subway as well.  So I knew the view must be amazing.

On my next day off I tried the address, a tower block whose lower floors were filled with offices and a rooftop bar, before continuing upwards into an international hotel. When infiltrating a site such as this, the worst thing you can possibly do is look nervous, uncomfortable or out of place. It only takes a moment of hesitation, a second glance at a map, for a porter to descend on you with questions such as, “can I help you?” or worse still, “can I see your room number?”. Playing with our phone or pretending you are calling someone can help a lot.

Doing my best to look natural I made for the elevators that led up to the rooftop bar, mingling in with the crowd. I was looking for the stairwell but there were too many staff close by so I couldn’t go in. Then I decided to go back to the lobby as I didn’t see any chance to get access from the bar. I texted Alex and asked if the fire alarm of the stairwell is turned on. Luckily he texted back within minutes and confirmed they were turned off. Okay, second try. I waited until hotel guests arrived, mingled in, used the same elevator and got out on the 35th floor. It wasn’t long before I found a fire door, and this one without an alarm.

From here I found myself on a service stairwell, unmarked other than floor numbers; and, thankfully, with no security cameras in sight. It was somewhere around floor 44 or 45 that I finally made it out onto the roof. The door here had an alarm system fitted, but it seemed to have been disabled by the smokers amongst the hotel’s staff.

I had climbed to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the Asok area, earning me a breathtaking view of the city lights beneath me. By this point I found myself feeling somewhat nervous. I don’t suffer from a fear of heights as such, but I’m painfully – and sometimes anxiously – aware of them; and by this stage, I was very high indeed. Nevertheless, from this rooftop I was able to enjoy a breathtaking, 360-degree view of the city at night. Absolutey worth it!


If you think I’m always this lucky you are wrong. There have been days when I ended up arguing with the security guys and going home without any photo. I have good days and bad days – same like you. But I never give up. If I don’t get access to a building today, I’ll come back next week. Or the week after. 😉

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City Portrait: 5 reasons to love Colombo

While most visitors stop over in Colombo for just a few days before heading out to explore other parts of Sri Lanka, there is something to be said about the culture of this lively and colourful city. The people’s friendly character is balanced by the hectic traffic of this buzzing metropolis. With a well-devised plan to experience the sights efficiently and an open mind you will conquer Colombo and encounter a magical city unlike any other in the world.

#1: Colourful Streets

It is a real adventure full of sound, smells and people watching just to walk around the streets of Colombo. Fun and exciting! Wherever you walk in Colombo, tuk-tuks will stop by you and the driver will ask you if you want a lift, not one time but like all the time! And if you don`t answer (yeah, it is possible to get a bit fed up with this), they will ask you again just louder. I’m a city girl and used to Bangkok chaos, but for others it can eventually become a bit overwhelming, so my advise is to plan for breaks in between to get your head straight from all the chaos.

#2: A Photographer’s paradise

Colombo can also be called as the “City of Joy” for its friendly and loving behavior of its residents making it more lively and enjoyable. On the lines of photography, one can never get tired of this city as it keeps showing you surprises from all the corners. Colombo’s antiquated yet meltingly romantic trains for example, clinging to the side run straight down the coast. It’s a perfect place for travellers to get acquainted with Sri Lankan culture.

#3: Beach & Sea promenade

Galle Face Green is a long stretch of green lawn next to the narrow beach and sea promenade in Colombo. Originally it was cleared by the Dutch to give the canons clear sight, but today it is a nice and peaceful place perfect for walking, running, playing football, kite flying and cricket. The promenade is packed with couples and families taking a stroll in the afternoons and it is a great place to watch the sunset.

#4: Colombo from above

Colombo has no city skyline like Bangkok, but that doesn’t mean roof-topping is impossible. With the help from a friend we found a cool rooftop at the Hilton Colombo Residences to hang out, take photos and enjoy the sunset. There is currently a lot of construction and development going on in the city, such as the Lotus Tower. It is a tower under construction with a proposed height of 350 m. When completed, the tower will be the tallest building in South Asia. The lotus-shaped tower will be used for communication, observation and other leisure facilities, such as a restaurant and shopping mall.

#5: Multi-cultural City

Colombo is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural city. The population of Colombo is a mix of numerous ethnic groups, mainly Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Moors, and Tamils. There are also small communities of people with Chinese, Portuguese Burgher, Dutch Burgher, Malay, and Indian origins living in the city, as well as numerous European expatriates. As a visitor you can choose between different cultural highlights. We decided to visit the Kelaniya Temple, just seven miles from Colombo. It is the most sought after Temple for the Buddhists in and around Colombo. Situated on the banks of Kelani River, which is originating from Sri Pada , makes this Temple surroundings attractive for the devotees who come to worship this hallowed land.


Give yourself a minimum of two days to explore Colombo. Many tourists use Colombo as quick stop over without realizing how much they’ve really skipped. The city is small, but is a great way for travelers to get acquainted with Sri Lankan culture. We stayed at the Hilton Colombo, centrally located in Colombo’s business district with stunning views above the city. Absolutely recommended! If you need any advise or recommendation, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

New Talk Of The Town: Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar

A lot of people asked me lately how I always end up shooting from amazing rooftop locations. The answer is quite easy: Because I’m a lucky girl. 😉 This time my friend Brian K. Boeck, a well-known photographer in Bangkok, was invited to be the first to photograph the Skyline from the new rooftop bar and club Vanilla Sky in Sukhumvit Soi 24. When he asked me to join I didn’t hesitate.

Construction Site

We were allowed to enter the building one week before the official opening while the construction was still in progress. I loved getting dirty, wearing rugged clothing and construction helmet, with no need at all for dressing up. Being the first “outside guests” during an ongoing construction was a great experience and gave me a special “VIP” feeling. 😉 The hotel team took fantastic care of us, always worried about our safety & security during the ongoing construction. Of course we followed all rules and regulations and no one got injured.


Vanilla Sky is located on the 35th floor of the Compass SkyView Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 24 next to Emporium Shopping Mall and BTS Phrom Phong. This long, straight road extends from Sukhumvit all the way down to Rama IV and is chocka-block with hotels, apartments and restaurants. Thanks to the large volume of apartment buildings down here, and the proximity to Bangkok’s central business district, Soi 24 is a very popular road with expats and professional Thais.


The 360 degree view is amazing, it’s the perfect location to enjoy one of those great sunsets in Bangkok or to dream away while watching the vibrant city coming to life. Way above the city serenity can be found. Forget above the traffic, the markets, the food carts, the noise and the madness and just enjoy the view.

It’s open!

Vanilla Sky is now officially open. I know some of you may ask if Bangkok needs another rooftop bar. My answer: Yes! How many cities in the world can pretend to have more rooftop bars than Bangkok? None I know of. Of course it’s important to stand out from the crowd, and with 360 degree views of the city as well as a birds eye view of the vibrant streets below, Vanilla Sky surely does.

Its operating hours are daily between 17:00 hrs and 2:00 hrs and it accommodates between 100 and 200 people. The club hosts amazing parties with guest DJs from around Asia. Aside from being a venue for big music events, this space is also available for private functions such as post-wedding and birthday parties.

Photo Credit: @bkbnbkk


I ended up having a drink at this Rooftop Bar twice within the last week and it really surprised me. It’s charming, providing all the ingredients needed for a great Bangkok rooftop experience. An evening here is affordable and the 360 degree terrace faces the sunset, with a fantastic perspective over the city. And it’s located within walking distance to my condo. I’m pretty sure you’ll meet me here quite often.

Here’s a short clip made with my GoPro. Sorry for the bad quality, I know I need to improve my video skills soon. 😉