Ratchaprarop Tower Mansion

The fun thing about Bangkok is that you can nearly go on top of every building – it’s just a question of money. Ratchaprarop Tower Mansion gives you unrestricted access to a 360-degree panorama, and by unrestricted I mean no guard rails. The owners unlock access to the roof for THB 1,500 baht for one to five people. The best is to grab some friends and go as a group of five people because then it’s only THB 300 per person.

As you are looking down, you start to truly understand why people refer to cities as living organisms. With every new burst of cars joining and leaving the highway, you are reminded of the constant breathing of a living thing. Sitting on a rooftop and watching the city always gets me. It’s hard to describe what I feel in this moment, I guess it’s a mix of being free and enjoying life. I think how far I have come and how lucky I can be to be where I am now.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Lironi Photography

The Tower Mansion is only 24-stories tall and is located about 15 minutes by foot from BTS Victory Monument. The building can be reached on foot from Soi Ratchaprarop 20, through Wat Taphan Alley, or just enter from Ratchaprarop Road at Soi 14 and go nearly to the end. After you’ve found the office to pay, they will guide you to the roof via elevator to a very small and sketchy staircase taking you to the very top of the building. There are no rails and the space is not very large, but the views are truly worthwhile.



Special thanks to my friend Alessandro who took those awesome pics of me. Click here to to read his blog.



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