My private rooftop

I remember when Brian once picked me up from my condo and asked “Did you check out your Condo’s rooftop yet?” I answered “No and I don’t think the view is that good.” Ten minutes later we climbed up the stairs and explored my rooftop. And well, how wrong I was. The view is amazing.

Sometimes I’m surprised how easy it is to go on a rooftop. All doors open, no security, no camera, nothing. But still it’s a pure rush of adrenaline, doing something “forbidden”, exploring a place you haven’t been before. It’s not really the height the matters, it’s more about the feeling. The coolest views are often from lower buildings nestled in between the tall ones. You really get a sense you’re in the urban ‘jungle’ then, surrounded by this forest of concrete, steel and glass.

From that day onwards, I used my Condos rooftop on a regular basis to practice my photography skills. I tried long exposure shots, reflection shots after the rain or self-portraits. I figured out that my best shots are the ones when I’m alone. I find it calming. Its just me and a camera, that’s it. Sometimes I don’t even shoot, and I just sit there and watch the city. And drink a beer or two.. 😉

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