How to get over your fear of heights

Being afraid of anything can be very tiring, and it can interfere with your quality of life. Trying to avoid situations which can provoke your fears can be exhausting, especially if you are exposed to them in your surroundings. There are propably millions of rooftops in Bangkok, and missing all those stunning views would be a shame. When I first came to Bangkok I have never been on an unrestricted rooftop before – and even today, I still respect heights and I’m always super careful on a rooftop. Safety comes first! Always!

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7 steps to overcoming your fear of heights:

1. Look through your fear and see the truth

In many circumstances, the fear of falling from heights is completely unfounded. Try and calm yourself and look at the situation more clearly. Look at the reason why you will not fall; the handrail, the stairs or the tough glass in the window, and focus on what is stopping you from falling.

2. Try to relax

Remind yourself just how unlikely it is that anything bad will happen and breathe deeply. Try and push the negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with the positive affirmation that you will not fall and you are safe.

3. Prepare yourself

When you know that you are going to be exposed to heights, prepare yourself in advance for the experience. Think through how you are going to deal with it, before you get there. Many people find that, with preparation, they can handle the fear of heights far more easily.

4. Expose yourself to heights

Face your fear, but do it slowly. Take your time to look down a stairwell or look out of a first floor window, just a peek to start with, and you will get more used to the sensation of being higher off the ground.

5. Trust the people around you

Tell a close friend about your fear of heights and ask them to help you overcome it. If you begin to face your fear with a friend who understands you, they can give you the comfort and the support that you might need to beat your fear.

6. Push yourself, little by little

You have to be determined, if you really want to beat your fear of heights. Push yourself to go, just a little bit higher, at every opportunity that you get. It may sometimes be not easy, but with perseverance, you will do it.

7. Get things into perspective
Millions of people have gotten over their fear of heights, and you can do it too. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable position, then take a look around at the other people that are nearby. Ask yourself, if they are not falling, then why will you?
Photo Credit: ThePatz

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