How I survived a Rooftop Gangsta Rapper Shooting in Bangkok

What I really like about my job is that you can’t plan your day. Being a Marketing Manager in a vibrant city like Bangkok brings out some unusual requests. Or how would I have ended up with a camera team shooting a rap video on the rooftop of my hotel?

It all started with a simple facebook message:

„Hi Nicole, I’m a recording artist based in Thailand, presently working on filming my new music video and was looking for a rooftop in Bangkok, I will be very pleased if you can help me with one.“

I was like „Huh, me? What?“ I’m not really into Rap music as I’m more the Robbie Williams generation (don’t laugh hahaha) so I did some research on Google. I found out that Mark D Mochio (MD Mochio) is quite a famous rapper and CEO of Fineboy Crew based in Thailand. He’s performing every Tuesday at Illuzion, a Night Club in Phuket able to hold a crowd of over 5000 standing people. From the photos he looked like a typical dangerous Rangsta Rapper (Rappers don’t smile, do they?), but right from the beginning I liked him. No idea why. Sometimes I just see a person and I know we will get along well.


So we chatted a bit, I asked for more detailed information and a few days later we met on our rooftop for a first meeting. I was surprised that he came alone, I expected a full group of Rappers waiting for me in my hotel lobby. I had asked one of our security guys to stand by because I didn’t know what to expect. I never met a Rapper before so I had my concerns. However, my fears were groundless, it turned out that he was very nice, down to earth and well behaved. If you’re reading this Mark, I’m sorry, I hope I’m not destroying your Gangsta image. 🙂 Anyways, we set up the deal and confirmed the video shooting a few days later.

On the day of the shooting there was a massive crew waiting for me, video guys, photographer and even someone with a drone. I think we were about 10-12 people. At that time I was a bit worried how to control them on our rooftop. I mean if something happens they all gonna blame me, right? I could already see the headline in Bangkok Post:

„Famous Rap Star fallen from Hotel Rooftop. German Marketing Manager arrested.”

Even through you see me doing crazy things on a rooftop, I’m always scared to see other people doing the same. But it was too late to cancel so I said to myself „everything gonna be alright“ and we took the elevator to the top of the hotel. We just came on time to see a nice sunset, but as for the video we were more looking for night scenes.

Of course they all worked very professional, focused on each scene trying to get the best result. And I have to tell a secret: They laughed and had fun just like other normal people. But when I asked for a photo, we all turned into this “Yo I’m a Rapper and I don’t smile” pose. Well, at least I tried my best.


As I’m into photography and video shooting, I got a free Making-Of and Behind-the-scenes insight which made me happy too. It was cool to see how many people are actually working on a music video, how often they have to repeat each scene and how much equipment you need. It all looks so easy when you see the final result, but hey, it took 4-5 hours for our location and our hotel was only one small part of the clip.

If you wanna see the final video, please click on the YouTube video below. All Rooftop scenes were taken at our hotel. The video came out end of May 2016, the shooting took place on April 6, 2016.

MD MOCHIO – KOTS (King of the south) official video:

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