7 Things You Need To Know Before Booking Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

Dinner In The Sky has finally reached Bangkok. Yeah! Set up between The Emporium Shopping Complex, the Benchasiri Park and Dinosaur Planet (right next to BTS Phrom Phong) this unique dining experience is one meal you won’t forget. I went with my friend Matt (crazy Ginger who also runs a blog) one week after the official opening of Dinner In The Sky Bangkok and put together “a few things to keep in mind” before you go:

1. Safety First

When I first heard about the launch of Dinner In The Sky Bangkok, I didn’t think too long. Being in love with rooftops and adventures, I knew I had to do it. The only thing that struggled me was the question of safety. Don’t get me wrong, but if you live in Bangkok for many years you know that safety is not always priority number one. Luckily the website said Dinner in The Sky Bangkok has been designed according to German safety standards and surpassed German TUV. With more than 10 years of operations in over 45 countries, it looked like it is professionally handled and had been tested to guarantee absolute safety for diners at all times. Being a German myself I was more than relieved and the decision was made.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok
Photo Credit: Dinner In The Sky Thailand

2. This is NOT for cowards

I’ve never been afraid of heights too much but I must say that dangling from a crane 50 metres high is not the most relaxing experience in the world. But it’s fun! Take it for what it is, a unique experience that you want to enjoy at least once. It only lasts an hour and a bit so even if you’re shit scared, it’ll be over soon and you’ll have a good story to tell.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

3. Go to pee before – just in case

This is amply explained to you before the experience, but just be aware that if you’re strapped in your seat along with 22 other people for an hour and a bit in the sky, the last thing you want to do is ruin everyone’s fun by needing to pee. So do your business before it starts! That being said, I went to the restrooms 4 times at home and 1 time at the showroom. 😉

4. Don’t drop your belongings – Hold your phone while you can!

Maybe it’s just because my iPhone is an extension of my body, but I was more afraid of dropping it than falling myself. Best to leave all your belongings in the lockers provided. But who wants to do Dinner In The Sky Bangkok without taking photos? Just be extra careful about it because if it falls, it’s falling a long way down.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

5. Don’t eat before going to Dinner In The Sky Bangkok

The chefs from Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok serve a delicious four-course set menu including angus beef carpaccio, tomato gazpacho chili soup, braised Australian short ribs beef and passion fruit mascarpone cream cheese cake. Food is served hot and tastes very good, absolutely no complains here.

6. Do it the German style and be there on time

In Germany, the rule of thumb is that it’s better to be five minutes early than one minute late. Since several tables go up each evening, the organisers have to stick to a strict time table which means you really need to plan beforehand to make sure you’re not left behind.

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok
Photo Credit: Dinner In The Sky Thailand

7. Don’t forget to book – it will not stay in Bangkok forever

Dinner In The Sky Bangkok is expected to stay there until the end of February 2018. It will then move to other locations around Thailand. Reservations can be made online at www.dinnerinthesky.co.th for 4,990 THB on weekdays and 5,390 THB at the weekend, inclusive of the four-course meal by Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. There will be two flight sessions per day: Sunset at 18:00 and City Lights at 19:30. The flight duration is 60 minutes. For more information & bookings, visit www.dinnerinthesky.co.th.

Would I do it again? Hell Yes!



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