Yes, I ate sushi off a naked woman’s body.

When my friends started looking for ideas for a special event, I was like „Hey, have you heard of this naked sushi? It’s all around in Bangkok, let’s try it“. Yes, it was me who came up with the idea. Living in this city, with this crazy nightlife all around makes you realize that life is fun and that you should start enjoying every minute of it. So here we are, in Bangkok, talking about Body Sushi.

Naked sushi, or body sushi, is actually a respected art among geishas in Japan and dates back hundreds of years. More recently, it has appeared in Hollywood movies and is easily available in Bangkok.

Basically, sushi is placed upon the naked body of a girl lying down on the middle of the table. And then you eat it off of her. The girl is completely naked except for a few strategically placed banana leaves. Of course you can’t use chopsticks so you have to use your mouth.

We were a group of 8 people, males and females. For an hour or so we surrounded the girl, drank and ate sushi and stared at her naked body. They even had some vegetarian sushi for me since I don’t eat seafood. The whole atmosphere felt weird in the beginning, but after some time we all started to relax. Ok, the wine helped too. 😉 The girl, Tanya, was fantastic, she even did some small-talk with us and was more lively. That made me feel better since she seemed less of an object.

To be fair, I don’t think she had any problems with the situation. I know some of my friends may think that using a woman’s naked body as a plate is objectifying them. Back in Germany I would have said the same. But here, in Bangkok, it seems ok and is actually one of the harmless events, I have seen much worse things. Tanya seemed okay too as she made jokes all around and laughed with us.

The weirdest part of all was not the sushi itself, it was selecting the girl. I received 5 Set-cards with barely dressed girls with big boobs and the request to pick one. Well, they all looked good so I needed help. My male friends were more advanced and easily picked one of the girls, Tanya.


If this is your thing and you would like to do the same, I can recommend Matt and Nathan from MojoSons. Two French guys living in Bangkok specialised in partying and event planning (that’s actually a cool job description…). I always knew french guys are crazy, and those two proof that I’m right. But seriously, they both come with my recommendation, easy communication, professional performance and fun-loving. If you are about to organise a bachelor party or any other special event, check out their website. Naked Sushi is one of the harmless offers.

Me, I’m bracing myself now, waiting for my mom to read this and call me.

Now I can at least say „been there, done that.“

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