Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

The area between the roads of Silom and Sathorn is the closest Bangkok gets to Wall Street, with glistening skyscrapers all boasting the names of financial institutions. It is part of Bangkok’s bustling commercial district, running adjacent to Sathorn Road, and is well connected by public transportation. Siam, Chidlom, Ploenchit, Sathorn are all close by and easily accessed by BTS which makes some perfect spots for photographers. I have been walking around this area many times, so let me help you finding the best Photography Spots in Bangkok:

Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar

Cloud 47 is located on top of an office building and consequently has a more relaxed ambiance compared to some of the alternative rooftop bars. You can come with Flip Flops and shorts, no one cares as long as you buy a drink. It attracts a mixed clientele with office workers, expats and tourists all enjoying views of the Bangkok skyline. The venue has a covered area should the weather take a turn for the worse and a small stage sometimes hosts live music. And most importantly, tripods are allowed, photographers are welcome and you have one of the best views over Mahanakorn, Bangkok’s new tallest building.

Note: Unfortunately i just heard that Cloud 47 will close down on March 31, 2017. The bar will become an office space.. 🙁

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

ITF Tower

ITF Tower is situated between BTS Sala Daeng and Chong Nonsi. You can’t miss it when walking along Silom road. While it’s not easy to get into the first office tower, you can easily access the second one. Just go inside the building next to the small supermarket and take the elevator. Pretend that you are living in this condominium and go straight to the 35th floor. There you’ll find a small terrace from where you can capture photos. Easy as that!

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

Chong Nonsi BTS Station

The skywalk is a urban landmark located in the middle of the Sathorn-Silom Central Business District which connect the Chong Nonsi BTS station and the Sathorn BRT station. It accommodates ten thousands commuters daily and is probably one of the most photographed pedestrian bridges in Thailand. Many Thai photographers come to this station in order to take photos so you won’t be alone. Tripods are allowed.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok


M Silom is a 53-storey condominium designed to be an iconic architecture, dominating the skyline of the central business district. Built around the concept of Contemplative Space, open areas are created which gives each unit an amazing view. I must admit you can only get access to the luxury condominium if you know someone living there. Luckily I got access and enjoyed this breathtaking view.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

Multi-storey car park

Next to the first ITF Tower there’s a small car park on the right side. It is easily accessible when you have a car, just drive through the entrance. If you don’t have a car like me, you have to convince the security guards in order to let you in. It depends on their mood and your charm.. no guarantee here. But the view makes up the discussions.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

Chong Nonsi canal

If you walk along the road next to the ITF Tower you will notice a small (and stinky) canal. Quite dirty, but you may get some nice reflections if you are there during the right time of the day. Try and go when the light is at it’s best, either bright and early, or in the evening as the sun is setting. Be sure to take along your tripod and hold your breath, it’s worth it.

Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

W Bangkok

Stairs are probably the last thing that would come to mind if someone asks about potentially interesting photography spots in Silom, but these spiral and helical staircases beg to differ. With the right perspective, even a set of stairs can make for an absolutely stunning photograph. You will find the spiral stairs at the W Bangkok, located in North Sathorn road, right next to the main entrance which is surely one of the coolest Photography Spots in Bangkok.


I’m sure there are millions of other great Photography Spots in Bangkok around this area, so please go out and explore the city. The area has a picturesque and iconic skyline with many skyscrapers and modern glass buildings surrounding it. If you open your eyes you’ll find other spots. Feel free to share with me. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Best Photography Spots in Silom, Bangkok

  • you gotta take me to the M tower someday. And let’s do ITF + the car park together. We can drive in my car.

    • Thanks for your comment Shayan. ? It’s not easy to get access to M-Tower.. I was just lucky on that day. ? But if I get a second chance I’ll let you know!

  • Great photography and very informative to read.
    Soon i am gonna travel to bangkok and planned to stay at chatrium riverside but i am also considering to dusit thani bangkok which is in silom, could you answer this which is best option to go?

    • Hello and many thanks for your comment. 🙂 I personally haven’t been to both hotels yet, so I can’t say anything about their service or facilities. Most of the riverside hotels have a great view, but if you want to have action with restaurants or bars around, I would probably recommend Sukhumvit or SIlom. It really depends on what you want.

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