Best Bangkok Instagramers

Instagram’s latest statistic says there are more than 400 million people using the social media platform. That’s a lot. And, that stat is from September of 2015. So maybe it’s double now. 😉 Since I moved to Bangkok I met a lot of interesting Instagramers and I admire their work. There are hundres of beautiful Bangkok photos on IG, simply search for hashtags #webangkok and #bangkokspirit and you will surely fall in love with this vibiant city. Below you will find a selection of my favorite Bangkok Instagramers. Don’t take it personal if you are not on the list, it’s just a short selection out of hundreds of inspiring photographers.



I guess Rockkhound is the most famous Instagramer in Bangkok with 101k follower. He’s Thai, based in BKK but travelling all around the word. He does not only show Bangkok pics, but also pics from everywhere. His style is cool, vibriant and on point. I met him two times now and he’s also one of the best dressed rooftoppers I know. Check out his page and follow him. He’ll inspire you for sure.




Brian alias @bkbnbkk is very special for me, he’s a real friend. I was following him when I was still living in Germany and always thought that his pics are awesome. Two weeks after I moved to Bangkok we met and I was sitting with him on a rooftop watching the city coming to life. I will never forget this feeling. He’s the one who pushed me into photography, who gave me honest feedback and always inspires me to go out and shot. So please, show him some love and follow his account.




From portraits to temples and street photography, Khunaux shows all that Bangkok has to offer. It’s his diversity and style that I like most. His photos  make me realize how beautiful and multifaceted Bangkok is. He has now more than 14k followers and I’m sure he will easily gain more and more followers. Go and check out his account.




This guy is surpising me every time he’s posting a pic. And he so damn young! What a talent! He has a good eye for unusual perspectives and I love his editing style. He is mainly posting pics about Bangkok, but as he’s traveling around the world you’ll also find pics from other cities or countries on his account. I also like how he’s engaging with his audience. When I have a question about a location or editing help, I know I can ask him. Not all people on IG will share their location spots, so I really appreciate his advise. Check out his page now.



I hope you will enjoy following my favorite Bangkok Instagramers. They truly inspire me every day and I hope they will do the same with you. This list will be updated on a regular basis, so make sure to step by from time to time. 🙂

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