A Bangkok Nightlife Guide

I like to party. So what? I don’t know what it is with people saying I need to grow up, I need to past this and move on with my life. What does going out and having a good time have to do with getting older? Yes, I enjoy nightlife a lot, from clubs, bars to restaurants, and here I can actually afford it. Just because I’m over 30 (I know I look much younger 😉 ) doesn’t mean I have to stay home all night. I am settled, I have a career, I travel around and nightlife is just one portion of my life. And trust me, I know a lot of people partying harder than me (Hello Isma) and people making money out of this business (Hello Matt).

So there is really nothing wrong about a quality clubbing night with friends and enjoying Bangkok Nightlife. It makes me happy. And happiness is the best medicine, the best cure and the best precaution because happiness is healthy! When you are surrounded by positive people, good music and a cozy atmosphere your heart will open up and your body will thank you for that. Well, maybe not the next day….

Most importantly: We remember the nights we went out, got drunk as hell and threw up all over the place. We remember the nights we almost got arrested. We remember the nights we don’t remember. For they were the best.

Sing Sing Theater

Sukhumvit Soi 45

The first time I entered the club it was like „BOOM“: A combo of theatre and nightclub in a fantasy world. You have hanging red lanterns, dancers in red robes with patterned fans, and metal cages spread across the room, making it appear as if a shady brothel of the past. This venue is rich in wood and sound with a lovely aura of warmth and attention. The dance floor, while small, invites one to enjoy and let go. It gets crowded after 11pm with nice people all around and live performances – from wondrous burlesque dances to comedy shows – are frequent.

Conclusion: Sing Sing is definitely my favourite! It’s rare to find a club that seems to have it all. Packed with personality, great drinks, beautiful people, consistently good DJ’s across a variety of genres and excellent service. They also have the best photographer in town: Tom Deinega. Go and check out his website: www.deinegart.com.

Ce La Vi

39 fl, Sathorn Square Building

Ce La Vi is located inside the Sathorn Square Building, with high security level. I always have to show my ID card which makes me feel they think i’m under 21 😉 . A candle lit corridor leads through heavy drapes with a multi-tiered dance podium greeting guests. Professional dancers are twisting and twirling and makes everyone stop and stare. The layout is a mix of a lounge and a club, with seating areas for large groups, standing tables, and a large dance floor surrounding the DJ boot. They also have an outdoor terrace to chill and relax. It is one of the few clubs that tends to have a larger crowd on weekdays then on weekends.

Tip: Ladies, arrive between 21:00 and 24:00 on a Wednesday and you won’t have to spend a baht: all ladies get complimentary free flow bubbles just for stepping inside. Sounds like a plan, right? See you there!


Sukhumvit Soi 11

Insanity is one of the largest clubs in the city filled with impressive lasers and lighting system, along with podium dancers and a central stage for those who want to let loose on the dance floor. The capacity of the club extends to well over 1,000 people. You can expect at least once a week big name Dj, Producers and artists from around the globe playing EDM, House and Hip Hop. Depending on the night, it’s often packed with first-time Bangkok visitors experiencing the attention of Thai girls. I usually have fun watching them. 😉

Conclusion: The fact that Insanity is half way between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza explains why the female clientele is a noticeable mix of those who come to work as well as play, and guys will get attention in here.


Sukhumvit Soi 11

With a rooftop lounge and two club rooms, Levels is located next to Aloft hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 11 and covers a lot of musical ground: funky beats on the terrace, R&B hits in the plush main room, and house and techno in the cavernous box in the rear. Occasionally they charge an entry fee for special events or on nights with international DJs, but it’s usually free entry. I’m also a big fan of the outdoor lounge area. After a bit of dancing, its great to order a drink in the outside bar a little bit away from the music and hang out. In this respect it’s a great place to bring friends visiting from abroad, as there is actually a place one can talk.

Tip: Best days to go are Thursdays and Fridays: Thursdays are ladies night (three free drinks coupons for all ladies arriving before midnight – yeah!) and on Friday nights they tend to have events which rotate around themes like Burlesque and Playboy Mansion.


President Tower, Lumphini

On the positive side, unlike many other clubs in Bangkok, Mixx is usually open until early morning hours between 4:00 – 5:00 am. The club is accessed via a long dark corridor which then opens out into a large, opulent main room featuring mainly Hip Hop and R ‘n B music. The second room is darker and focuses on EDM, Trance and house music. On the negative side, I always feel i’m the only non-working girl as it’s packed with prostitutes. I have no problem going to a place that has a lot of working girls, I can spot them pretty easily and just avoid them for the most part. But it can get annoying for a girl, however, guys will probably like all the attention they get.

Conclusion: Whether Mixx is the best discotheque in Bangkok would be a matter of opinion. Depending on your friends I think it can make for a good night out but there are definitely better options to be experienced in Bangkok.

“No One Looks Back On Their Life And Remembers The Nights They Got Plenty Of Sleep.”

Bangkok Nightlife rocks every night of the week, and if you’re here you have to party! But forget your conceptions of Thailand being all flip-flops, vests and cheap drinks – these clubs can charge high prices for drinks and require shirts, shoes and jeans. Bangkok is an international city these days, so dress to impress, hit the town and don’t forget your credit card!

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  • Hi you! Great article, it’s good to get insights from an expat living here rather than sexpats (they’re all over the web ahaha). I agree on everything you said! Now we need to hit the underground and thai places so you can share your thoughts on another side of Bangkok Nightlife.

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