Bangkok – A Single Man’s Paradise

„City of Angel’s – surely not?“ is one of those stories from my friend Nicole here on her blog. Well, yeah it is absolutely true however Nicole is a woman so she asked me if i would like to write this from a man’s view, who stays in Thailand already quite a while. So ok let’s get to the points and if you don’t want to read the dirty stuff you better stop here.. (i have to admit that Nicole censored my blog two times as my “language is not appropriate” and she fears the reaction of her Thai friends. So it will not get too dirty. Sorry guys!)

Sex is so easy here it will blow your mind. At any time of the day you can get a massage, blowjob, find a hooker on the street or rent a girlfriend at the bar. It’s wild!

Guys i can tell you, if your ego is down to the bottom, come to Thailand and the mid agers of you will feel like Charlie Sheen in his best years and the older agers like Hugh Hefner, or maybe better like Donald Trump who obviously likes to grap pussies. Over the years i have seen the shyest guys you can imagine, doing dirty stuff they never thought it would even be possible, and the biggest losers walking around with balls, bigger than the fake tits of most of the girls here. But before we go into detail, let me guide you through the different Red Light districts: There is not just one in Bangkok but three main areas: the Nana Entertainment Plaza (or just ‘Nana Plaza’), Asoke and the infamous Patpong.

Red Light districts

Nana: Lots of beer bars, go go bars including one of Bangkok’s famous entertainment area, Nana Plaza in Sukhumvit Soi 4, countless of bars also great for playing pool. Nana has Bangkok’s highest concentration of hookers. Besides that there are lots of international restaurants and some of BKK’s best night clubs especially in Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Asoke: Located right next to Nana, a bit more quiet though still a bunch of good restaurants, girl and beer bars in Sukhumvit Soi 22 (no. 2 beer bar street after Soi 4) and another Redlight district: Soi Cowboy, Bangkok’s brightest street connecting Sukhumvit Soi 23 and Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Thanon Ratchadapisek) right outside the Asok BTS / Sukhumvit MRT station.

Patpong: This is probably the most extreme of the three areas and also the most touristy. People usually think of Patpong first when talking about red light districts in Bangkok. There are two small lanes which make up Patpong, each of which is lined with go go bars and a few regular bars and discos. These two roads are situated off the busy Silom Road, and at the Silom end of the roads is a bustling street market.

Also in Patpong are a number of upstairs venues in which the scene is a lot more sleazy and explicit. Here the girls are often naked and rather than simply dancing on the stage they will be performing all kinds of mindboggling tricks with their bits. If you really insist on witnessing this, you’ll have to sit and have a drink, but be warned that you should view the menu and pay in advance to avoid any nasty surprises.



Ping Pong Shows

Now that you know some of the best locations, we can go into detail. Remember, everything is possible in Bangkok. Everything! It goes from the easy things like sushi dinners (eating sushi from a naked girl), which you already can’t find in most countries in the world i guess, to the real heavy stuff. Most of the tourists coming to Bangkok want to see a Ping Pong Show. It is, in a word, disturbing. Ping Pong balls fly, silk ropes seemingly flow without end and a large western dude makes an appearance towards the end. It challenges your conceptions of physics and, at least to me, degrades the sanctity of sexual organs. They should not name it Ping Pong Show as it’s just not only about ping pong balls, but the show involves razor blades, candles, Coca-Cola bottles, a very long string of flags and cigarettes. If you’re in Bangkok you should see a show once – if it interests you. They are gross and not sexy at all but it is just unreal that it’s such a huge thing in Thailand – there are hundreds of these things going on every night and it seems to be a huge reason for tourism to the city.


Lady Boys

One of my friends tried to have sex with a girl on the beach, but came back screaming as she had no pussy. So here’s another tip: watch out for the lady-boys.  Every single guy coming to Thailand meets at some point a ladyboy. In a lot of cases it can be really difficult to tell the difference between a girl and a ladyboy especially for guys that come for a holiday or have been living in Thailand only for a few weeks and just don’t have the experience. Better watch out and prepare yourself. I can’t remember how many people called me to say that she was a he and had been thrown out of the apartment at the moment of truth.

Go Go Girls

Another friend felt in love with a Thai girl and they were getting married after they knew each other for some month. They went back to the guys home country to start a new life but she came back after 2 months as he had no money anymore. Must have been true love. Here’s another tip: Guys, if you ever fell in love with a Thai Go Go Girl, please be aware that no matter how fat and how ugly you are, no matter how bad you may smell, no matter how drunk you are, they will make sure to always tell you how handsome you are. But at the end, they are only interested in your money. Not in you. They see you as a walking ATM machine. Keep that in mind, have fun, but turn off your feelings!



Tourists come to Bangkok for a couple of weeks, screw themselves stupid and then head back to England, Denmark or Germany or wherever they’re from and dream about the wonderful time they had. Most of them reckon it’s a sexual paradise, they can’t believe what’s on offer here. They sit at the bar with stupid grins on their faces, get tanked up and then head on down to Nana Plaza. The big problem is that you get jaded after a while. When you first come here, you walk around with your tongue hanging out, you can’t believe that all these gorgeous girls are totally available to you for a few Baht. You go a bit crazy, everybody does. Hell, in my first six month here I can’t remember with how many girls I slept with.

Bangkok is a magical place where dreams come true!

I could keep this ongoing for another while but i think you understand now how it works here. Believe it, it is quite a different story but whoever was in Thailand or is attracted to do so, will latest then know what i am talking about. So to wrap it up: sure from a woman’s perspective you have to say it like Nicole „City of Angel’s – surely not“ – from a man’s perspective however i would say „City of Angel’s – absolutely yes“!

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