About Me


Photo Credit: @bkbnbkk

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Nicole, I’m a German Girl living in Bangkok. I am a outgoing and positive person who has fallen in love with this city. Why i ended up here? Well, let me explain. There was a point two years ago at which I decided that I’d had enough. I’d had enough of sleepless nights and daily routine. It wasn’t what I wanted – it never had been. Having reached a certain point, after however many months, I decided to make a change.

So I quit my job in good old Germany and decided to move to my partner in Bangkok, leaving all my friends and family behind, in the hope of altering the perception of myself and the life I was living at the time.  I did it for other reasons, but I mainly wanted to see if I’d look at myself any differently after living there for a while. I definitely do. Being here, being somewhere new, and being somewhere far away from home, has felt like a fresh start.

I can now look back at who I was and decide that that isn’t who I want to be anymore. Sometimes you need distance to get perspective. I got a whole lot of distance, and in turn I got a whole lot of perspective. From a rooftop in Bangkok I decided that I was done feeling sorry for myself; that I was done settling when I could be doing more. I’m not the same person that I was when I boarded the plane two years ago, and I’d like to think that I’m a lot better – mentally if not physically.

Why do I take photographs?

I guess because it’s in my blood. I realized that I started taking photos with a sense of urgency – worried if I didn’t take the photo of that the memory, that color, that scene in front of me would be lost forever. I’ve always loved photos and taking pictures. All the experiences I made since then are captured in my pictures and every single one tells my story. That’s why I decided to set up this blog. To share my experiences with you – and maybe to inspire you.

So grab your camera and take photos. Take photos of your friends & family, that color you like, that weird building you found. The photos don’t need to be perfect when you take them, because one day they will be exactly what you need.

At night the heights show a different picture of speed of the BTS

Photo Credit: @bkbnbkk